Haryana- The economically-important National Capital Region as it leads in tourism

How can Haryana manage attracting so many tourists with these 4 places?

Haryana is not only one of an economically important regions but also the state has some of the most ancient historical significances which is not found in other parts of the country. The beautiful cities here are surrounded with the world’s oldest and largest civilizations which traces back to many years and thus many tourists get easily attracted to the place especially if you are interested in the rich history of the region then do explore the region. 

  1. Kurukshetra– Also known as Dharmakshetra the city is renowned pilgrimage site and as the city’s name has been mentioned in several ancient inscriptions including Bhagavad Gita. The region is located 170km away from Delhi and is also known as the Land of the Bhagavad Gita. The reason behind is this is that it is the place where Lord Krishna himself read the holy Bhagavad Gita to Arjuna and also this is the region where the epic battle known as Mahabharata took place between the Kauvaras and the Pandavas. Also, followers and worshippers of Lord Buddha and Gurus of Sikh religion believe that they stayed in the sacred land of Kurukshetra and thus devotees of different religion visit the place.
  2. Panchkula– Experience the pure atmosphere of Shimla here in the region of Panchkula and if you like trekking and mountain climbing then do not forget to visit and explore this beautiful region. The renowned remainings of Chandels are present in this planned town which makes this hill city indeed breath-taking. Well, the popular culture of the region with lots of fun to witness here, some amazing bazars for shopping, unique food stalls and restaurants to try out the traditional food here, lush greenery, cool climate and fresh air is all that you want to relax and you will surely find everything here.
  3. Karnal– The city is known for the huge historic significance of the region which is famous all around the country and also it plays a vital role in Hindu religion and mythology. Tracing back to the period of Mahabharata the region is located on the banks of the pure river Narmada and this many devotes visit the site. The huge rice fields, some beautiful clear lakes to enjoy boating and sight-seeing including the Karna lake, huge industries and institutions and classic, awesome local food is all found here. As the region is considered to be very sacred among several worshippers you can know about the Hindu religion in depth here.
  4. Gurgaon– A city which is developing day by day and stays vibrant and lively day and night is the city of Gurgaon.  The city is very much famous among the nature lovers especially for the amazing national park and bird sanctuary which consist of several endangered species and thus it is a must to enjoy the beauty of nature and wildlife in Gurgaon. The scenic view of the Sohna lake, experiencing adventure in rock climbing near Damdama lake, picturesque view of the Aravalli and several other adventures and picnic spot become easily accessible here.

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