Famous beaches around the world

Beaches are the most enchanting & lovable places to visit by people of all ages. There is no condition for visiting beaches; they are the beautiful formation of God. Beaches are the places that give you a feeling which sizzling sun is the favorable beauty of the beeches. It is an amazing place to do several leisure activities as due to busy schedule no one is getting time to visit all such sites with their family so to make them stress-free numerous individuals visit exiting beaches –

Following are some of the famous beaches in the world – 

1. Surfers Paradise Beach in Australia

This is our top pick because of the large selection of activities for individuals young & old. These beaches are beautiful, the water is clean & inviting. And, there are a ton of several fun attractions at Gold Coast. Moreover, there is an array of theme parks such as Sea World & Movie World. Most of the activities run a variety from shopping, lying on the beach, surfing, snorkeling, fishing, & even bungee jumping. And, at the night, the beach offers hopping clubs & casinos.

2. Seven Mile Beach in Jamaica

Seven Mile Beach in Negril is the longest stretch of white sand in the country of Jamaica. Located near the western tip of Jamaica, the beach is a truly incredible sight to behold. White sands & the most unbelievable sunsets in the world have made Seven Mile Beach one of the most prevalent beaches in the Caribbean. Moreover, several popular all-inclusive resorts are located right on the beach, including some overall Sandals Negril Resort & Breezes Grand Negril.

3. Miami Beach in the United States

Miami Beach is the hottest beach destination in the US. The beach is known for models, fashion, & movie stars. Miami Beach offers several restaurants, sandy beaches, & hots all-night parties at nightclubs on the strip. Any of the art deco-style hotels situated on the coast are a great choice for tourists all around the world who are exploring to enjoy sights & sounds of the unique American hot spot, i.e. Miami Beach.

4. Maroma Beach in Mexico

Up until fairly newly, Maroma Beach was Mexico’s best-kept mystery. The beach is located on the Yucatan Peninsula and just south of Cancun; it is a quiet & romantic beach that is progressively becoming one of the most prevalent beaches in the Caribbean. New resorts are pop-up all over Maroma that include the new Secrets adults’ only all-inclusive resort, the perfect for honeymooners.

5. Bottom Bay in Barbados 

Are you exploring warm aquamarine waters & pristine stretches of white sand beaches? Look no further than the Bottom Bay on & coming Caribbean island of Barbados. This tiny beach is located in the southern part of the island & is recognized for its tall coral cliffs. With tons of British characters, Barbados is distinct from any other Caribbean island & an outstanding choice for honeymooners.

6. Phuket in Thailand

Sand between the toes, fabulous tropical sunsets, cold drink in your hand & warm blue inviting seas – it is picture faultless Phuket. The island is recognized for its silky soft beaches, excellent oriental hospitality & great value accommodation. Take the frightening speedboat trip to the surrounding islands or a serene cruise around the mystical Phang Nga Bay, or basically enjoy Phuket’s energetic nightlife in Patong Beach. Known as the Pearl of Andaman, Phuket is the largest island in the Indian Ocean. It is a very eye-catching island for sightseeing having lovely seashores & forested hillsides.

7. Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia

Bondi Beach in Sydney is superior, not only because it has some of the loveliest surfing alternatives, ample sand to enjoy along with the comfortable position as it is not too far away from major Sydney’s city center; this is a great beach because of an array of people you will be able to the meeting. You will be capable of enjoying excessive restaurants, cafeterias, & bars along with the line of sea exhibitions, games, promenade behind the beach, sculpture, & interesting outdoor sloping artwork.

8. Ka’anapali in Hawaii

One of the most occupied and popular beaches in Maui, Hawaii, Kaanapali is the paradise on earth. The beach is located in West Maui and 2 miles north of the historic whaling town of Lahaina & is enclosed by several elegant hotels & condominiums. This beach is 3 miles long & is full of fun-filled activities. On this beach, you can windsurf, snorkel, parasail, jet-ski, & even kayak. The rock divides sand into two & swimmers can find themselves bathing in the deep water. The rugged lava coastline around Rock is also the ideal snorkeling spot and the best on the island. Swimming in crystal clear waters is safe through the year but the best outdoor season of the high winter surfs.

9. Hat Rin in Ko Phan-ngan, Thailand

Hat Rin is the most vital beach in Thailand. It is located on the Island of the Ko Phan-Ngan. During full-moon nights, this beach becomes so lively & enticing that no one can fail to knowledge its enigma, which usually succeeds to attract well over 10,000 travelers who love to relish beaches at the moonlit nights. Now, because of the popularity of this beach, individuals have got an option of enjoying the beach at half-moon lit nights, as well.

10. Santa Monica in Los Angeles, USA

For the century, Santa Monica beach in Los Angeles has been the prevalent hotspot resort. You will be able to relish historical ballrooms & carousels at the local pier, which was established in the year 1909. It is the beach where a very widespread Baywatch series was shot.

11. Pink Sands Beach in Harbor Island, The Bahamas

The beaches discussed above are well-known because of the count of great crowd & excitement they bring in. On the other hand, the Pink Sand beach is the finest vacation destination for those who want to enjoy the beach along with the sea in a calmer, peaceful, & tranquilizing manner with less crowd & noise.

Are you exploring for Best Holiday Destinations? Holidays are a great way for families to enjoy some needed time together. Traveling to the above beaches provides entertainment for your kids and you too.

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