Best travel hashtags for Instagram you need right now

Needless to say, Instagram is the most loved platform across the globe; we all love to post pictures, videos on the gram. While some people say low key and others laterally post everything. Travelers are no less. An enthusiastic and passionate traveler will always have some stories to share, and if you’re one of them, I’m sure you have your wanderlust account on Instagram. You might have breathtaking pictures or videos, but your experience and stories are what ignites hope in the audience. If not many, some might take inspiration from you to travel across the world and find themselves. Travelling is contagious; once bitten by a bug called traveling, there’s no looking back. But still, some people are not able to travel like you do so that they might get experience and happiness just by your pictures and videos. That’s why you need the right hashtags to use on Instagram so that your experience reaches the right person. But oh wait! You cannot always use similar hashtags; they are agile. If you’re one of those who love to watch travel content then, this guide can be useful for your leisure time. So, let’s hop on this ride for travel hashtags that you need to use in 2021 for all your crazy, cozy, and breathtaking travel pictures and videos. Here you go: 

Common and most popular

No brainer here, the most searchable hashtag on Instagram #Wanderlust with 129m posts, nothing can beat this hashtag across the world. Often combined with most generic travel hashtags that is #travelphoto #travelphotographer #travel #travelgram #naturephotography #traveladdict #travelblogger #worldtraveler #travelling #vacation #traveltheworld #happytraveller . These are the most popularly used hashtags for all kinds of travel posts on Instagram. 

Beach hashtags

If you love sun spreading beautiful hues across the water or love all beach sports, then you’re a beach baby. You will find several people who love beaches with sunsets or mountains as a backdrop; they would want to grasp your stunning beach photography to calm their Monday blues. For them you need to use these hashtags #ocean #beachlife #sunset #sunshine #sunandsea #waves #seaside #vitaminsea #beachday 

Hashtags for mountain lovers

Are you one of those enthusiastic hikers or climbers? Or someone who wants to get lost in the mountains? If yes, then these hashtags are heaven for you. With breathtaking views and artistic mountain photos, it will take all your stress away. All the mountain travelers assemble here and use these hashtags in your caption for Instagram; many people are waiting for your posts. 

#climbing #adventurelover #mountainlover #mountainlife #mountainview #mountainshotz #hikinglife #trekkinglovers #mountaineering #landscapephoyography #naturelovers #mountaintop #mountainsarecalling #mountainscape 

Luxury travel hashtag

Show Off your extravagant, luxurious vacation away from the world to stunning destinations. With the rise of Instagram, the audience can get a glimpse of luxurious holidays of celebrities to the places hidden from the world. If you’re one of them who love watching exotic locations and extravagant places, then follow these hashtags and, of course, who are living it, must use these: 

#luxurytravel #dreamholiday #luxuraytravellers #luxuryhotelsoftheworld #luxuryscapes #luxurytravelblogger #vacygoals #luxurytrips #travelinstyle #travellifestyle


With 15.7m posts, the hashtag is well-loved among travel junkies for stunning places, captures of long road trips, and wilderness. Open this hashtag if you want to see the city lights, the adrenaline rush of adventurous supports. This hashtag is top-notch for those who enjoy life to the max and live every moment like their last. Combine this hashtag with #wonderfolk and #letsgosowmwhere to share your out-of-the-box travel experience. 


#passionpassport With 26.9m posts till now, is another worldwide hashtag loved by world travelers to share their travel story among their audience. The community of international travelers, photographers, and storytellers love this hashtag. You can find the world’s most excellent pictures, breathtaking views, unbelievable sports, and stunning nature hues all in one place. Every image has a colorful destination that tells you a unique story; combine it with other hashtags, including #exploretheworld #mytinytales #welltravelled #lifewelltravelled 

Hashtags for solo travelers

Well! We all have this dream of traveling and exploring the world all alone, don’t we? Some are able to fulfill; some are not. Irrespective of the fact, you will love pictures under these hashtags, share your solo story, help other solo travelers; maybe they are going to the place you just traveled, your travel insights might help them. If you’re one of them who love freedom and travel alone, then use these hashtags to share your story:

#solotravels #solotraveler #solotraveller #solotravelgirl #solotraveldiaries #solotravelingisfun #solotraveling 

Hashtags as per location

Most essential yet excellent way to attract a travel audience is to use local hashtags, the place where you’re traveling or going to travel. Make sure you check the proper spelling of the place.use destination-specific hashtags such as #travekusa #travelindia #traveleurope #travelturkey #travelgreece #travelparis #travelmaldives etc.

Bring your creative side out and create your own hashtag

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Bring your creative side out and create your own hashtag Do you struggle with new ideas, or are you one with crazy hashtag ideas? You need to be creative and come up with unique ideas for hashtags. It’s an excellent way to attract an audience. Some people get bored of the same hashtags; they will come to you if you can provide something unique. Some unique hashtag ideas: #travelpreneur #mytravelingisbetterthanyours 

Tips for using these hashtags in excellent ways 

  • Avoid using all generic hashtags at once; you will have a tough time attracting more followers. As mentioned above, combine different hashtags that are generic with specific to attract your tribe. 
  • Three things must be mentioned without any mistake; the location where you traveled or traveling, popular brand airlines or way you are traveling, generic hashtag and main tourism hashtag of the place, finally add what you see such as sunsets, sea, fort, nature, mountains, etc. use them as hashtags. 
  • Do not use too many hashtags; it destroys your aesthetics; use limited hashtags to the point.
  • Most importantly, don’t use wrong words or spellings; that just kills the mood.

Now what? Well! For starters, Go and share your stories with these hashtags, inspire others to travel, and help some to soak in their Monday blues.

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