Airbnb’s ten best places to stay in India!

What’s better than a long weekend? There’s no reason why you shouldn’t try to explore India in great detail, but it wouldn’t be wise to make elaborate plans when you’re trying to leave the country permanently. Whether you are looking for a rustic log cabin in Kumaon, a swank houseboat in Kerala, a Yak and Butta in Darjeeling, or a cutesy home in Rajasthan, you will find plenty of Airbnbs across India. You can fall in love with holiday homes at first sight, but some homes are so stunning, they will make you want to move right in. Is there anyone who does not enjoy the idea of relaxing in an opulent vacation home at an affordable price? The Airbnb platform is known for being an affordable and convenient means of traveling. In addition, it offers some unique, special accommodations. We eagerly await its arrival. You know you want to send that leave request to HR after you’ve read this!

Airbnb’s hospitality is something you won’t be able to resist! Here is a list of some of its wonderful amenities.


The hotel is quite popular for its wooden architecture, and the ideal location is right in the center of Gangtok. You will find joy, warmth, and all the little things that make you smile when you visit the Orchid Glade. There’s nothing better than a mountain cabin for those who are tired of city life. If you want to enjoy the view from a specific window or which variety of tea to sip while doing so, then that is all you have to decide. The Orchid Glade is a great getaway in the hills if you feel like you need a break.

2. Arka Bamboo Cabin, Coorg

It resides in the heart of Coorg, away from civilization, in a rustic cabin made of bamboo with great attention to detail. As a means of inspiring and bringing warmth into one’s home, it’s based on the principles of Sacred Geometry and made from natural materials. The farm stay is off-grid and peaceful, more like a farm stay for the creative ones. With a book, coffee in hand, and a seat on the balcony, you have yourself sorted for the whole weekend.

3. Singtom Tea Estate, Darjeeling

The fresh mountain air, a heritage home, and tea gardens for miles in every direction – what better way to spend the day? That’s precisely the reason we enjoy this resort, up in the hills of Darjeeling. Here, however, we would suggest the Steinthal Suite. With four-poster beds, bay windows adorned with flitting curtains, a fireplace, and furniture straight out of the 19th century, romance is in the air! Get on your way today!

4. Rosie’s Retreat Homestay, Udaipur

Take a break in Udaipur, a lakeside town on the banks of the Mansarovar river, before Rajasthan’s temperatures rise too high. A two-story self-catering accommodation faces Lake Pichola and has a charming balcony adorned with cushions, a holiday-home-like place that combines ethnic textiles and antique furniture. Keeping cool is easy when you have bamboo roofs in your bedrooms. For that quintessential Rajasthan Instagram picture, you’ll need a jharokha window frame.


A well-maintained five-bedroom property with sprawling grounds, this is one of our favorite homestays in Alibaug. There is a choice between three cottages: the Poolside Cottage, the Glass Cottage overlooking the Revdanda Valley, and the Gatekeeper Cottage. The hotel has plenty of ways to keep you entertained, like a library, games, PS3, and DVDs. Alternatively, you could relax in their infinity pool while taking in picturesque views of the valley and creek beyond.


Relax on a cruise that offers you the best comfort. A vacation along the Kerala backwaters with emerald foliage and clear skies can provide you with revitalization to the core. You’ll be blown away by the stunning scenery. Taking in the light at dawn will leave you in a stupor. Why settle for an apartment or a house when you can pay into a boat more easily? There’s no better way to stay in Kerala than the luxury-style Alleppey Routes barge, featuring a bedroom and plenty of common spaces to lounge around.

7. Singtom Tea Estate, Darjeeling

What’s better than some fresh mountain air, a heritage home, and tea estates for miles on end? In Darjeeling, up in the hills, this resort is perfect for what we’re seeking. But we’re hoping for a Steinthal Suite. Four-poster beds, flitting curtains on bay windows, Victorian sofas, and a fireplace make it feel like you are in a romantic retreat! Just relax, don’t think about anything.

8. Woodside Retreat, Pangot

Getting to this stone and wood chalet outside of Nainital involves a drive through oak forests along babbling brooks. It features six suites, each with a different view of Kumaon valley, the homely resort set amidst the hills of Kumaon. Despite the hilltop retreat’s comforts, our eyes go straight for a drawing-room that has a fireplace, chaise lounges, and a pool table. No one needs to worry about being left out because there is so much open space around it where you can soak up the sun and crisp air.

9. Cottage Overlooking The Himalayas, Kanatal

Do you long for the awesome sight of snow-capped mountains? It’s safe to say that our favorite part of the home is the balcony with lounge chairs, cozy floor cushions, and views of the mountains since it is right on a cliff. This chalet offers a spectacular postcard view each morning, so you’ll be sure to wake up to the best view around. Your breath will be taken away by the stunning mountain views in these rooms. If you prefer a peaceful, quiet stay, then choose the Himalayan Home as your choice of accommodation. It is away from the commercialized tourist locations that have dusted the true beauty of the place. While you are here, you may still experience some roots of the city and its culture.


Located just beside Stok village, Woodyva Stok house offers a “comfort redefined” luxury experience amidst the heavenly atmosphere of Leh. At the top, you will be able to enjoy views of three valleys – the Kharudungla on one side of the mountain range and the Stok Kangri and the Himalayan ranges on the other. At the same time, you get to experience the true Ladakhi culture since the resort is situated away from the conventional tourist crowds of the region.

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